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MerchantPro Express

Arnold Furia

Arnold Furia

Vice President of Finance

Arnold Furia’s career spans 29 years in the credit card industry.  In 1989 Mr. Furia started at JPMorgan Chase, where he held various positions in fraud operations. He was a manager and investigator of the “Early Fraud Prevention Unit”.  Mr. Furia was promoted to Assistant Treasure where he focused on counterfeit fraud operations working with Secret Service and law enforcement agencies all over the country to thwart fraud attempts against the bank. Mr. Furia was quickly promoted to Assistant Vice President-Finance.  He then spent the next 7 years in the finance unit of JPMorgan Chase where he partnered with Visa, participating in the “Visa cost study” a fully loaded unit costing study to determine industry benchmarks and best in class credit card practices. 

In 2004, Mr. Furia accepted a position in the “Revenue Sharing Alliance” group at First Data Corporation.  In this group Mr. Furia was active in various financial initiatives to streamline current operations regarding 120+ banking relationships representing $132B in annual sales volume.  In 2017 Mr. Furia Joined MerchantPro Express as Vice President of Finance. 

Mr. Furia received his BBA in Marketing from Pace University and received an MBA in finance from Adelphi University.  He resides in East Northport, NY with his wife Denise and two daughters, Sara and Jessica.