Welcome to the Merchant Pro Express industry information page. We are a premier provider of merchant services. Our goal is to provide the very best in consultative sales services in order for you, the business owner, to make the most of your payment processing needs. Our standards are high and our sales consultants are among the best in the business. We aim to always deliver the right products to the right business at the right price in order to ensure that all our customers are more than satisfied.

Here is a list of industry types and what merchant services can be beneficial to your business.

MerchantPro Express Industries: Retail Stores

Retailers / Storefront

Successful retailers maintain profitable relationships with customers by keeping up with tastes and preferences.
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MerchantPro Express Industries: Restaurants

Restaurants & Quick Service

Restaurants need flexibility in meeting customers’ payment expectations in order to triumphant in their industry.
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MerchantPro Express Industries: E-Commerce/Internet

E-Commerce / Internet

Our solutions help online businesses expand their market reach.
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MerchantPro Express Industries: Professional Trade Services

Home Service / Professional Trade

Our solutions expand your customer base into corporate accounts, increase sales, improve cash flow and reduce collection costs
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MerchantPro Express Industries: Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel / Hospitality

Travel and entertainment businesses, such as hotels, can expand their services to remote locations and streamline their payment processing
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MerchantPro Express Industries: Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores / Supermarkets

Our flexible solutions help enhance the point-of-sale capabilities of supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retailers.
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MerchantPro Express Industries: Gas Stations

Gas Stations / Convenience Stores

We offer a full range of payment and reporting methods as well as programs to help drive customer loyalty to gas stations.
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