Restaurants need flexibility in meeting customers’ payment expectations in order to triumphant in their industry.

While some payment expectations consist of high volume and low ticket, others need wireless processing from remote locations. Our solutions for restaurants encompass maximum, secure payment options to minimize risk and loyalty programs, so customers keep coming back.

Customize payment processes, connect them to back-office functions, and get them up and running quickly for casual and fine dining restaurants in which diners eat-in, carry-out or order delivery. You want to nurture repeat visits and loyalty from diners. Merchant Pro Express understands your casual and fine restaurant industry needs, and has experience in crafting affordable, loyalty program solutions appropriate for your market and diners. This way, you can attract more customers with a full range of payment options. With just a single relationship, you are able to accept any type of payment, including credit, debit, and gift cards, and deploy state-of-the-art solutions with features specific to your industry.

Today’s technology allows you to add point-of-sale software applications specific to terminals at your restaurants or payment processing capabilities to your PC. If you make deliveries or serve customers from temporary kiosks, Merchant Pro Express can help you set up wireless point-of-sale solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient.