Successful retailers maintain profitable relationships with customers by keeping up with tastes and preferences.

Success also comes from knowing how customers prefer to pay and motivating them with reasons to return. You can expand your payment options and leverage the right incentives in order to widen your market reach.

MerchantPro Express provides both expertise and range of services to complement your market strategy, which are all backed by some of the most extensive fraud detection databases and analytic insights in the industry. Streamline payment processes, connect them to back-office functions and stay adaptable for the future needs of your single, local store.

We scale payment processing to the needs of local retailers without sacrificing security or speed. In distinguishing themselves from the competition, locally based retailers need to offer the same ease of payment and high level security as any other merchant. Processing payments with Merchant Pro Express solutions requires minimal training and helps secure your funding quickly and easily. Our terminals are flexible for future enhancements and integrate transaction data directly into back-office tools.