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MerchantPro Express

Leanne Costa

Leanne Costa

Director of Sales

Leanne Costa is the Director of Sales at MerchantPro Express. She exhibits a strong work ethic and high level of professionalism, which makes her a perfect addition to the MerchantPro Express team. Plus, with her 15-plus years of banking and sales experience, Leanne brings tremendous knowledge and expertise that will help MerchantPro Express continue providing our sales agents educational support and reaching even more merchants in need of credit card processing services.  

Before joining MerchantPro Express, Leanne was a team member at South Shore Bank. She was pivotal in revitalizing her division to become the number one branch. A fast riser and natural-born leader, Leanne caught the attention of MerchantPro Express and quickly became an integral part of the team.

Leanne is a proud mother of a little boy and a crazy animal lover with three wonderful dogs. When she’s not leading her team at MerchantPro Express, you’ll probably find Leanne spending time outdoors. She especially loves camping and going to the beach.