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Are Work-From-Home Jobs Legitimate—Or Just Scams?

While many work-from-home jobs are actually scams, there are legitimate opportunities that allow you to earn a living right from your home.
August 10, 2016 1 minute read


Are There Legitimate, Work-From-Home Jobs—or Just Scams?

When you see a job opportunity that claims you can work right from your own home and have a rewarding career, you may be a bit skeptical. Some things are too good to be true, and the last thing you want is to fall for a scam.

But even though some work-from-home jobs can turn out to be scams, you can find many opportunities that are exactly what they claim to be. In fact, working from home is a growing trend.

The key is to identify which ones are legitimate.

In order to recognize a work-from-home scam, you have to notice certain red flags. Here's how you can tell if the job offer is a rip-off:

  • It isn’t on the Better Business Bureau website
  • It requires you to purchase supplies, software or equipment before you can get started
  • Neither you, nor anyone you know, has ever heard of the company before
  • You are unable to find an official address, phone number, website or social media account(s)
  • It doesn’t provide you with job specifics (i.e., what your exact responsibilities will be, how and when you will get paid, etc.)
  • You cannot find any employee or customer testimonials online
  • The company's website does not contain “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” pages

Just a simple online search can bring you one step closer to finding out if the business in question is legitimate or not. Consider checking Fraud.org—an organization run by the National Consumers League to track scams—as well.

Don’t Worry—Plenty of Work-From-Home Jobs Are Legitimate

You shouldn't be discouraged by this information. There are many good jobs that you can do from home. They include tutoring and freelance writing. As long as you're cautious and thoroughly research every option, you’ll be sure to find a position that you’re interested in. In fact, we think we have just the ticket.

MPX has a work-from-home job opportunity that may be just what you’re looking for. Find out more here.

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