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MPX Continues to Reduce Veteran Employment Challenges Through Patriot Payments

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Nov 11, 2019 9:44:33 AM

On Veterans Day, we honor those who've sacrificed so much in serving our country. While this special day of remembrance and recognition is important, it's equally imperative to keep these remarkable individuals in our thoughts every day, for many of these heroes face daily challenges long after returning home

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EMV Update 2020: What You Need to Know

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Oct 31, 2019 11:31:31 AM

New EMV updates are coming October 1, 2020, specifically affecting businesses that operate automated fuel dispensers/pumps (AFDs). With the rollout now less than a year away, merchants in charge of gas pumps affected by these new standards are currently switching out their payment technology to those EMV chip compatible. This process can be a bit intimidating, however. 

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'A Decade of Excellent Service' – An MPX Client Story

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Oct 18, 2019 10:00:51 AM

Working with a dependable credit card processor is a critical aspect of virtually any business, especially those typically thriving on cashless transactions. One such industry deriving significant revenue from card payments is the medical field, and more specifically, orthodontics. 

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5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Credit Card Processing Companies

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Sep 30, 2019 9:22:00 AM

Originally published August 2016. Updated September 2019.

Accepting credit cards is a necessary component of nearly any modern small business. To do so, you must work with a credit card processing company, and picking the best can be a bit intimidating with so many options out there.

After some time, you might begin to wonder if you made the right choice. The good news is that you don’t have to be stuck with the same credit card processing provider forever. In fact, switching providers is an excellent way to save money on this invaluable service, and even extract more value from that spend.

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MerchantPro Express Introduces New Ticket Management Platform: MPX Tickets

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Sep 9, 2019 11:32:26 AM

Accepting credit cards swiftly and securely is a critical part of running virtually any business. Some companies, however, have needs that extend beyond the typical transaction. One such additional function required by many operations is the sale and printing of tickets. 

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MPX's Summer 2019 Merchant Forum Newsletter Is Here

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Sep 5, 2019 11:15:00 AM

The MerchantPro Express (MPX) team is always striving to keep the business community informed on the best and latest merchant processing-related news and developments. 

In this ever-evolving industry, that's no small task. From advancements in credit card terminal and POS processing to determining the best merchant services solutions for your companysimply attempting to stay up to date can be a full-time job, for any business owner. 

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Know Your Options: Credit Card Processing Machines

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Aug 16, 2019 4:43:07 PM

More and more consumers are making purchases with credit and debit cards. Thus, accepting these at your business is quickly becoming a necessity. This requires the proper equipment, however. Credit card processing machines provide a wide range of capabilities, with many varieties to choose from. 

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What Are the Average Fees for Processing Credit Cards?

Posted by MerchantPro Express on Jul 30, 2019 12:12:18 PM

Accepting credit card payments is necessary for any business, but comes at an expense. Merchants are charged various credit card processing fees, and given the tremendous volume of card transactions the average business tallies these days, they can add up.

“What are the average fees for processing credit cards?” is therefore a common question among merchants. The full answer encompasses more than simply a range of numbers, however—and some credit card processing companies are reluctant to share.

MerchantPro Express (MPX), on the other hand, educates business owners on what goes into their total costs, so they can make the best decisions for their bottom lines.

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