5 Benefits of Using Clover Systems

Clover systems utilize dependable processing software and provide an added level of security, transaction reporting abilities, and other key benefits.
September 27, 2017 2 minute read

5 Benefits of Using Clover SystemsClover systems are types of POS (point of sale) solutions available in a variety of credit card processing models—including the Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Go, Clover Flex and Clover Mobile—all enabling merchants to accept a wide range of payments, from cash and checks to credit, debit and gift cards, with ease.

Due to the numerous functions and specialties of each, it's important to learn their key individual benefits to make an informed decision and purchase the very best for your business.

Here are five benefits of using Clover systems, along with brief descriptions of some of the many services offered:


1. Dependable Processing Software

Clover systems operate with the help of the Ethernet or WiFi. However, the processing software also has an offline mode, which it can still run even if the internet is down, ensuring that businesses can continue to serve customers and make sales.


2. Added Level of Card Security

Besides following PCI and EMV standards, Clover products also have built-in card readers with encryption capabilities. When a card is encrypted, its confidential information cannot be accessed without a security key. This extra security measure makes it even more difficult for thieves and hackers to obtain consumer data.


3. Transaction Reporting Abilities

Clover systems possess additional features, apart from accepting payments. They can print, email, and text receipts, clock employees in and out, and run transaction reports. These, specifically, give merchants better insights into what their customers are buying, which may help them understand consumer-buying behavior, and make more-informed inventory-related decisions.


4. Business Management Assistance

Speaking of inventory, Clover systems can improve your business management, as well. By being able to monitor your inventory list, you’ll get a better idea of exactly what products you need to purchase. This facilitates the establishment of an effective inventory system, saving you time and money, as you won’t likely buy items you don’t need, or your customers don’t want.


5. Additional Capabilities

There are specific features that come along with any Clover POS system, such as those aforementioned. However, there are additional capabilities available through apps designed just for Clover processing solutions. Some are advantageous for all types of businesses, while others are more industry-specific. For example, there is an application that helps with employee scheduling, which could be useful for many types of organizations, and another that assists in reservation management, which would be especially beneficial for restaurants.  



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