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'How I Found the Best Merchant Services Provider' - A Business Owner's Story

Ashley Lyons, owner of Old Soul Vintage Jewelry, shares frustrations about her previous merchant services provider and raves about MerchantPro Express.
June 05, 2019 2 minute read

MerchantPro Express has been providing first-rate merchant services to thousands of businesses across the country for more than 10 years. But at MPX, our clients are more than just numbers in our system or sales in our spreadsheets. We are committed to providing them with individualized attention so that we can help each business in a truly unique way. One such individual, whose story we’d like to share, is Ashley Lyons, owner of Old Soul Vintage Jewelry.

Ashley launched her business five years ago, selling handmade jewelry repurposed from vintage, designer buttons and charms. She, like many other business owners, decided to expand into an online shop to expose her fashionable offerings to a global market. To do this, she needed a merchant services company to process those online payments.

Ashley first went to a competitor of MPX, and soon discovered it non-communicative and severely lacking in transparency.

“I felt like I was kept in the dark on a lot of the fees I was paying and wasn’t able to get any answers,” she remarks, thinking of all the time she spent scouring over statements trying to figure out why her payments were so high. “Sometimes,” she added, “I didn’t even get a statement at all.”

After months of feeling like she was being taken advantage of by a company that didn’t seem to care about her or her growing business once she signed the agreement, Ashley decided it was time to look into better options.

Ashley connected with MerchantPro Express, and will never look back.

“It was honestly like night and day,” Ashley explains, detailing the seismic differences in how she was treated after moving to MPX. “The transition was very smooth and my account representative, Dave Keen, was extremely helpful. He made me feel comfortable and didn’t make me feel pressured to rush into an agreement. And once I did decide to make the switch, the transition was easy.”

Now, with MPX’s promise never to raise rates or charge hidden fees, there’s no more mystery every month. Ashley knows exactly what to expect.

“And if I do have any questions, I can just call them and know I’ll get an answer right away,” she continues.

Switching to MPX for her merchant services didn’t just improve her customer service experience, though. It was also the right choice for her bottom line.

“MPX was able to bring my fee down more than 40% from what I was paying on every card transaction with [my previous provider],” she proclaims.

Such extraordinary savings could not have come at a better time, either.

“My sales have been growing exponentially in 2019, and the savings on my statement every month really add up," she shares. "I was even able to hire two new assistants!”

As her business continues to grow, Ashley Lyons now has the confidence she and her merchant services provider are working together, and pulling in the same direction—toward success.

MerchantPro Express is proud to have Ashley Lyons and Old Soul Vintage Jewelry as a client, and looks forward to providing exceptional merchant services to her for many years to come. To find out how MPX can help your business, Contact Us today.

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