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Know Your Options: Credit Card Processing Machines

Credit card processing machines generally fall into three categories: smartphone and tablet attachments, POS systems, and terminals.
August 16, 2019 2 minute read


More and more consumers are making purchases with credit and debit cards. Thus, accepting these at your business is quickly becoming a necessity. This requires the proper equipment, however. Credit card processing machines provide a wide range of capabilities, with many varieties to choose from. 

There are dozens of brands and models out there, all generally falling within three major categories: 

Smartphone & Tablet Attachments

One way for businesses to acquire a credit card processing machine is to sign up with a service that enables their smart devices to swipe or scan cards via a small attachment accessory. These are typically less-favorable among businesses processing a large number of transactions or requiring a higher level of customer service, though. 

More comprehensive support and opportunities for additional merchant services become available when business owners open a merchant account. Learn more about opening a merchant account here.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

POS systems are more robust machines, mostly meant to be stationary on a countertop. What POS systems lack in mobility, however, they make up for in their versatility when it comes to additional functions. 

Most POS systems are compatible with other useful components, such as receipt printers and cash drawers. POS systems can also run a wide variety of applications, including inventory tools, employee management systems, and more. 

The Clover® Station by credit card processing platform Firserv (formerly First Data) is among the best POS systems on the market. Its large display and easy-to-use, customizable features make it a favorite among experienced merchants.  


Terminals offer greater portability, giving businesses the flexibility to go to their customers instead of their customers having to come to them. While the small, lightweight designs are perfect around a store or for use at a more mobile business, such as a farmer’s market, they tend to be a bit simpler in their functionality. 

The Clover® Flex terminal and Fiserv's FD130, FD220 and FD410 models are popular solutions for businesses on the go.

A business can utilize several different types, simultaneously. 

Many merchants, for instance, will make use of a POS system accompanied by handheld terminals, enjoying the flexibility and benefits of each. Devices by Clover®, for example, are compatible with each other, so multiple devices, whether POS systems or terminals, can sync to form one, connected system that communicates in real time. 

Given how important an efficient checkout process is to a business, the choices of devices can be intimidating. It doesn't have to be, though.

Contact MPX today to get advice on finding the perfect machines to process your credit card transaction. 

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