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6 Facts About the Clover® POS System

The Clover® POS System can be used by a variety of businesses, and does much more than just accept card payments.
August 03, 2017 2 minute read

6 Facts About the Clover POS SystemThe Clover® POS System is one option for merchants who want to accept credit card payments. However, as with any business decision, research will help determine the best results.

Here are six facts about the Clover® POS System for merchants and consumers:

1. It can be used by a variety of businesses. 

Clover® POS (point of sale) is a versatile software program that can help all merchants run their businesses better. This includes the owners of restaurants, grocery stores, salons, jewelry stores, appliance stores, and more.

2. It does more than just accept payments.

While the Clover® POS System enables merchants to accept payments from customers, including credit and debit cards, it has other beneficial capabilities, too. For example, this software maintains real-time reports—collecting useful data that informs merchants about customer shopping patterns—and also manages inventory, providing merchants an easy way to determine if stock is low. These additional functions are available through Clover® apps, which merchants can download to use.

3. It utilizes EMV technology.

The 2015 EMV liability shift caught the attention of merchants across the country. While they're not required to become EMV-compliant, merchants are strongly encouraged to do so in order to help protect against fraudulent, card-present transactions. The Clover® Station not only accepts credit cards via a magnetic stripe, but also an EMV chip. This can make customers feel more comfortable making purchases.

4. You can view your business’ information anywhere.

Because Clover® is run on cloud-based software, merchants can view their business’ data from any location. This enables easy, remote access to important information without physically having to go to your store’s brick-and-mortar location. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet, and your sign-in information.

5. The payment process is easy.

Employees can quickly learn the Clover® POS System through its “Register” app and simple step-by-step process, which varies depending on the business. This involves selecting the appropriate items, tapping the “pay” button, and choosing the preferred method of payment!

6. It goes the extra mile in fraud protection.

As aforementioned, Clover's EMV technology helps protect against fraudulent transactions. It also offers Clover® Security, a business data protection system, which exemplifies the importance the company places on securing merchant and consumer data.

Interested in using Clover®? Contact a credit card processing company offering this solution.

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