Getting to Know MPX Part-Time Referral Partner Steve Kiernan

Learn more about MPX's dedicated, part-time Referral Partner Steve Kiernan, who is also a full-time firefighter, and dad.
November 27, 2017 3 minute read

Getting-to-Know-MPX-Part-Time-Referral-Partner-Steve-Kiernan.jpgCredit card processing company MerchantPro Express (MPX) not only likes to get to know its referral partners, but also enjoys sharing its stories. Every agent brings something different to the table. While they're all dedicated and extraordinary individuals, they all have their own personal tale of how they became intrinsic members of the MPX family.

Steve Kiernan has been a part-time referral partner for MPX for several years, and has experienced tremendous success. Also a full-time New York City firefighter, Kiernan still finds time to help business owners save money on merchant services.

Kiernan’s story begins about three years ago, with a call from a longtime friend.

When MPX’s Vice President of Business Development Greg Gordon, a dear friend, told him about a job opportunity as a referral partner, Kiernan was intrigued. After learning more about the position from another old friend, MPX Partner Joe Doyle, he decided to give it a try.

“At the time, Greg was working at MPX as a part-time referral partner," Kiernan recalls."Greg thought that with my flexible schedule as a New York City firefighter, and past sales and marketing experience with [global alcoholic beverages company] Diageo, MPX would be a great fit.”

“I met with Joe Doyle the following week, and after hearing Joe’s pitch and vision for MPX, I was sold on the spot,” he adds.

There were several key aspects to the position that really appealed to Kiernan. One, he explains, was the opportunity to work with two lifelong friends. Another was the ability to “build a business” on his own time “while balancing a full-time job and very active family life.”


Although excited to start this new chapter, it took some time to familiarize himself with industry-related terms.

“It can be difficult just getting up to speed on what MPX has to offer its merchant customers,” says Kiernan.

Luckily, MPX provided him the support and assistance he needed to make the transition to merchant services expert easier. This included quarterly training seminars at the MPX’s headquarters, which gave Kiernan the opportunity to learn about the industry firsthand from the MPX leadership team. Such guidance and educational resources made understanding the merchant services world less intimidating.

The culture, leadership, and flexibility made MPX an ideal place to work.

Fast-forward three years later, and Kiernan feels comfortable in his role, and couldn’t be happier as part of the MPX team.

“I enjoy working as a referral partner for MPX because they have great leadership and a tremendous customer support team," he shares. "Any question or issue that arises is quickly addressed and answered, which gives me great confidence and trust in my business.”

These are exciting times at MPX, and I am lucky to be part of such a great company.

Dependable team members make achieving individual and group successes that much more fulfilling.

Furthermore, explains Kiernan: “The opportunity to grow and create additional income for my family keeps me focused on my business and expanding the MPX brand.”

“It has also given me an outlet to reignite my love of sales and utilize my expansive network," he continues. "These are exciting times at MPX, and I am lucky to be part of such a great company.”  

In between his duty as a firefighter and working as a referral partner, Kiernan still somehow finds time to be an involved, loving father to four wonderful children.

He credits his ability to thrive in both professional and personal endeavors to his time management skills, which Kiernan says he learned while playing Division I basketball and keeping up with a demanding academic schedule at Hofstra University.

Most importantly, Kiernan says he owes it all to his incredibly supportive wife of 16 years, Tricia.

“Tricia has been the rudder that has steered the ship when I've been busy with my work life,” he shares.  

Kiernan also holds a great deal of gratitude to his MPX family.

“I also have to thank the leadership team and customer support team at MPX," he explains. "There have been numerous occasions that Joe [Doyle], Greg [Gordon] and [Vice President of Client Relations] Randi Meiselas have been there to assist me in every aspect of my MPX journey.”    

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