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Is Credit-Card Processing Sales a Good Job Opportunity?

Yes, credit-card processing sales is a good job. But it's important to note that your personality and employer play a role in your success.
September 26, 2016 2 minute read


Whenever you hear about a career opportunity, you might ask yourself: 

  • How much money could I potentially make?
  • Is it a growing industry?
  • Would I enjoy working in this industry, for this company?

Or to sum up: Would this be a good job for me?

When it comes to credit-card processing sales, the short answer is yes! But the long answer does depend on your personality and the company you work for.

Your personality and interests.

Credit-card processing sales is a great job opportunity. Period. But that doesn’t mean everyone would be happy doing this kind of work. You have to decide if you have the personality to enjoy a sales career.

There are certain qualities that effective salespeople naturally possess that make the job more appealing to them. For instance, those who are outgoing and persistent tend to do well in sales because they aren't afraid to reach out to potential customers whom they’ve never met before. They can handle with ease the rejection that often occurs in the sales industry. But just because you’re outgoing and persistent doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be a good salesperson. You'll need some other skills too.

The support you receive.

Sometimes it’s not the work you do that’s a problem, it’s who you work for. Sure, you need to have the drive and determination to achieve your goals, but you won't succeed without your employer's support.

Every business is run differently. Take this industry, for example. Some credit-card processing companies offer their merchant sales consultants lifetime residuals for every customer they bring to the table, but others acknowledge their employees’ accomplishments in different ways or not at all. Some credit-card processing companies offer both full-time and part-time positions, but not all of them do. Being employed by an organization that lets you work as much or as little as you would like, whether at the office or from your home, enables you to make your career exactly what you want it to be.

You may not find as much success being a credit-card processing sales agent at one company than you would at another. If so, you may lose your motivation and wonder if credit-card processing sales was the right choice for you.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current work environment or the lack of support, it may be time to seek other options. But don't get stuck in another unhappy, professional contract. Check out the terms you’ll be working under and pay attention to your agent agreement.

Yes, credit-card processing is a good job because it offers great opportunities. You should give it a try. You may find out you enjoy working in the sales industry—but just be sure to weigh all your options before you sign on with one employer. Some are definitely better than others.

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