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Join the MPX Family: Your Merchant Sales Career Might Depend on It

Great merchant services sales jobs are difficult to come by. Learn about the incredible opportunity at MPX that can change your career for the better.
January 26, 2016 2 minute read


Tired of being treated like a means to management’s ends?

Wallowing in quotas and unexpectedly changing compensation plans?

Wish you had reliable support from the corporate office while you were busting your hump in the field?

Looking for a partner with resources instead of just another employer with endless demands?

Well, look no further.

Come be part of one of the fastest growing merchant services independent sales organizations (ISOs) in the United States and advance your merchant sales career. MerchantPro Express (MPX) is now home to over 100 experienced merchant services sales representatives across the U.S., and they are looking to add another 100-plus in 2016.

Sean O’Neil, MPX’s Chief Operating Officer, says, “At MPX, we’ve worked hard to create a family-type atmosphere in which our agents are part of something bigger than themselves. MPX sales agents are empowered to shape the size and scope of their business—they are free to sell as they wish to merchants they prefer at pricing formats that they’re most comfortable with. We literally partner with them on every deal they sign. If they need anything from us, all they have to do is ask.”

Senior Vice President of Sales at MPX and former executive at ISO CardWorks Acquiring and First Data, Tom Fazio, concurs: “My past employers were not as transparent as MPX. At MPX, I know our specific costs and precisely what my team and I are going to earn on each merchant contract. MPX seems to get it—if we feel good about our sales experience, then we are going to be motivated to sell and board more deals with them.”

MPX offers experienced sales reps:

  • Innovative ramp and draw payments to ease financial strain of moving over
  • True transparency into pricing and buy rates and percentage splits
  • Access to an Agent Portal to view daily volume of active accounts and detailed commission statements
  • Best-in-class internal sales and merchant support team to service agents and their merchants
  • Ability to bring on referral partners and other sales agents to grow their business
  • Guaranteed lifetime residuals, whether agents board 1 merchant or 1,000 merchants with MPX
  • Access to First Data, TSYS, and Chase Paymentech platforms
  • Next day funding, Amex OptBlue, Mobile Payments, Clover® System, Customized Technology Solutions
  • Commissions paid in full on the last business day of every month no matter what

Former First Data sales rep, Michelle Snider-Smith, says, “I’m on a first-name basis with everyone at MPX—from the executive team to fellow sales agents to the entire support staff. They make doing business easier, more personal, and more enjoyable. And my merchants get their service needs met at every turn. I’ve never been happier selling merchant services, and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years.”

Even when it comes to servicing particular industry verticals, the MPX model has proven successful. “MPX has worked with me to develop a seamless, carefully-tailored process to board hotel merchants,” reports Ismail Khan, a former WorldPay sales agent specializing in the hospitality industry. “I have developed some very complex referral relationships, and MPX has given me the latitude to craft creative and mutually-beneficial agreements to maximize the number and quality of referrals I get. The sales support I receive is unrivaled.”

MPX has recently generated quite a buzz among experienced sales agents looking for the entrepreneurial upside and income growth that can accompany ISO merchant sales. Many of the best merchant sales agents have historically remained in the industry’s largest corporations because of fear of the shadiness that clouds ISOs. MPX is changing that.

“The MPX family is growing,” concludes Mr. O’Neil. “Life is good here, and our ‘family members’—who help define and improve the MPX experience—are spreading the word. If you’re even considering a move to an ISO that cares, you should give a call or drop a line. We’d love to talk with you.”

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For additional information please call MerchantPro Express at 888-333-1374 or email info@merchantproexpress.com.

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