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How to Find a Better Merchant Sales Consultant Opportunity

Looking for a better merchant consultant sales opportunity? Not anymore. Learn more about what MerchantPro Express offers their reps and clients.
December 09, 2016 3 minute read

Merchant Consultant Sales Job

Merchant processing sales is an up-and-coming industry for hard-working, savvy professionals. For those whose ambitions rule, there is no limit to what they can achieve—professionally and financially.

The truth is that cash is no longer king. Every retailer, from small mom and pop stores to multi-million dollar box chains, enjoy the convenience and ease of credit card sales. The world has become plastic—and retailers have followed suit.

Merchant sales consultants serve as the gateway for these businesses so they too can get a merchant account and access credit card processing solutions.

But you know better than anyone else that not all credit card processing companies are the same. Some don’t offer the best professional opportunities for its merchant sales consultants while others are more about their bottom line than providing the first-rate merchant services that they promise their clients. So for professional sales people, leveraging their books of business in merchant services can be difficult, to say the least, without the right support from their employer.

And of course, you know that a great merchant consultant sales opportunity from a trusted provider is hard to come by.

Moving Up in the Merchant Services Industry:

If you feel like your current employer doesn’t make the cut, it’s time to learn for another sales opportunity—one that has the right support, equipment, leadership, and level of commitment. Not to mention a better agent agreement and commission plan.

As an experienced and profitable merchant sales consultant, you already know all of the industry’s secrets. You know every trick in the book. You know what separates the premier credit card processing companies from the amateurs: things like having the best processing platforms and funding banks, having the ability to work with business of all sizes and processing needs, as well as possessing the expertise and integrity that every company should—but not always does.

But most importantly, the right credit card processing company should provide its sales agents the:

  • Knowledge to further educate them about the latest industry news
  • Equipment and technology for clients
  • Tools and resources to help its employees succeed

So does a better merchant sales opportunity even exist?

What if there was a premier card processing company that has a great processing platform—First Data—and funding bank—Wells Fargo—with the most passionate, knowledgeable staff that aren’t just concerned with their bottom line?

Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Wrong.

Are you a good rep at a second tier platform? You'd kill it at MerchantPro Express (MPX).

Credit card processing company MPX provides their services to an array of businesses—small shops and large franchises— such as retailers, restaurants, eCommerce, B2B, professional trades and contractors, hotels, grocery stores, non-profits and gas stations.

MPX takes a consultative approach and their ultimate goal is to help all of their clients save money, providing pricing solutions that are compatible with all major credit and debit cards for every method of acceptance. Our sales process is laid out step by step in order to make the entire process easy for us, our agents, and prospective customers. This includes getting to know our customers and understand how they are processing payments in order to determine how to drive down costs and improve checkout efficiency.

MPX also offers:

  • Next-day funding
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty programs
  • American Express OptBlue program

MPX does not just whole-heartedly care about their clients, but also their sales agents. They see their merchant sales consultants as partners, and put together compensation plans that align the interests of each sales agent with MPX. We want to get to know their sales agents as individuals and help them grow as sales consultant— teaching them how to be successful securing leads and how to handle rejection when a door is slammed in your face (which, as you know, happens a lot in sales)—in order for them to become experts and better inform their clients.

Not only will you be presented with an amazing merchant sales job that can put you on track to an even better career, but you will also know that your clients will have all they need for their businesses to thrive.

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For additional information please call MerchantPro Express at 888-333-1374 or email info@merchantproexpress.com.

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