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Meet Randi Meiselas: Work-From-Home Rep To VP of Client Relations

Read how Randi Meiselas started as a part-time, work-from-home rep and worked her way up to Vice President of Client Relations at MerchantPro Express.
December 10, 2015 1 minute read


How Randi Meiselas started as a part-time, work-from-home rep and worked her way up to Vice President of Client Relations at MerchantPro Express


Ms. Meiselas is a mother and former attorney who, 8 years ago, decided she did not want to continue practicing law. Instead, she wanted something part-time that would enable her to create her own schedule and meet new people. “I love flexibility and I’m a talker. I also had a lot of contacts,” she explains.


Meiselas found work at a credit card processing company as a sales rep, which is where she met Joe Doyle, Executive Vice President of Sales Development at MPX, who taught her everything she knows about merchant services.

Before meeting Mr. Doyle, “I had no clue what I was talking about. I knew merchants accepted credit cards, but I did not know anything about rates, interchange or the fees involved.” However, with the right tools and a great teacher, Meiselas quickly became an expert.


About a year ago, both Meiselas and Doyle came to MPX and they could not be happier with their decision. According to Meiselas, MPX is an amazing company to work for not only because of the people, but because of its platform—First Data—and bank—Wells Fargo—as well.

“We have all the bells and whistles you could ever imagine. This is the Maserati of credit card processing.” She adds, “We don’t have a contract. That shows our integrity also.”

Working for a credible merchant services provider allows her to be completely honest with her clients, which creates transparency and develops trust. And although part of her job does involve hearing the word “no,” Meiselas does not get discouraged because she knows that she can truly help merchants save money. Not having to sit at a desk all day long is also a plus.


Anyone who is looking for a part-time, work-from-home job opportunity for moms can become a sales rep at MPX. Just knowing one business owner is enough.

“Residuals will always stick with you,” Meiselas explains. “What you get today, you are going to get a percentage every month going forward.”

She adds, “After you get your first account, you get that confidence too.”

So although merchant sales may be an unfamiliar field to some new agents, one account can give them the momentum to land more if they choose to expand their clientele. Lastly, Meiselas brings attention to the continuous nurturing process of all clients, stating, “It’s not only about acquiring the relationship, it’s about maintaining it too.”

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