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MerchantPro Express Celebrates 10th Anniversary & Looks Toward Future

MerchantPro Express turned 10 in January, commemorating this extraordinary milestone with a celebration in New York City, and inspiring its leadership to reflect on the company's early days and share their enthusiasm for the future.
February 20, 2019 2 minute read

MPX-Blog-10th-AnniversaryA 10-year anniversary is more than just a benchmark in the history of a company.

It's proof that its products and services, leadership and team members, and the values and culture by which that team operates, are all pointing in the same direction—squarely toward success.

This extraordinary alignment was celebrated by leaders, team members, and friends of Melville, NY-based merchant services and credit card processing provider MerchantPro Express (MPX) at New York City’s iconic Central Park Boathouse this past JaMPX Teamnuary.

And celebrate they did!

"It was an event I'll remember for the rest of my life," remarks MPX COO Sean O'Neil.

MPX President and CEO Chris Briller echoes this sentiment, while remembering the smaller staff parties of the company's early years.

“The celebration in the city really highlighted how far we’ve come," he explains. "To be here 10 years later looking at what has been accomplished is extremely satisfying." Adds Sean O'Neil, "It's especially satisfying when you consider how we've become one of the fastest-growing ISOs in our industry without sacrificing customer and agent support or our incredibly positive MPX corporate culture."

MerchantPro Express didn't simply grow from an idea into a sprawling team of more than 500 employees serving merchants across the country by luck, though. 

It's been a journey marked with its fair share of ups and downs. 

“It hasn’t always been an easy road, especially early on,” Briller explains.

With MPX's competitive pricing, innovative POS equipment, next-day funding, and unmatched customer support, however, it's no wonder the company has overcome past challenges and established itself as the superior choice in merchant services and credit card processing.

Read Chris Briller's Spotlight Story MPX Eventto learn more about his quest and vision building MPX. 

The 10th anniversary is not only a chance to remember the company’s humble beginnings and ascent to success, however. It is also an important opportunity to reflect on where the company is still headed. "There's tremendous excitement about what the future holds," says O'Neil. 

He continues, "The next few years are sure to bring exponential rates of change. We are already seeing it. These are truly thrilling times to be in merchant services, but they're also terrifying. We need to be part of the change rather than simply reactors to it. To that end, we will be adding exciting new technology to MPX."

Chris Briller is similarly focused on the future. He notes, "the 10th anniversary is a great achievement, but it's a milestone—not the finish line. We owe it to all of our sales and support teams as well as our clients to make sure the next 10 years are better than the previous. We have to continue to improve and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace and continue providing the latest and best-in-class products the market has to offer, in order to preserve and expand what we've built.”

With this latest milestone achieved and Chris Briller and Sean O'Neil's mission driving the company boldly toward its next, MerchantPro Express looks ahead to the future, eager to meet the needs of merchants of all kinds, for the next 10 years—and far beyond

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