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MerchantPro Express and MetisPro Team Up to Help Merchants Drive Efficiencies

MerchantPro Express and POS solutions provider MetisPro join forces to give merchants best-in-class credit card processing with innovated point-of-sale technology.
July 11, 2019 1 minute read
MerchantPro Express and MetisPro

MerchantPro Express (MPX) has been providing customers around the country with first-rate merchant services for more than ten years. Beyond this, though, MPX  understands that there’s much more to running a business than swiping credit cards. It’s an interwoven set of processes that combine to build a complex operation. With that fact in mind, MPX remains ever vigilant to identify new technologies that can help businesses optimize and save money. That’s why MPX has partnered with MetisPro

MetisPro is a Berwyn, P.A.-based POS solutions provider, specializing in creating innovative (Point-of-Sales) POS solutions for businesses in the retail and foodservice industries. 

As part of this new and exciting partnership, MPX is introducing its expansive network of merchants to MetisPro’s technologies including its most recent offering, Quantic, an iOS and Android-based system that creates a robust solution for businesses to optimize their operations with customizable features such as menu displays, employee schedule tracking, inventory management, customer and service area management and much more. 

The Quantic system also includes comprehensive reporting and analytics features, so their customers can continuously identify opportunities for optimization and savings. 

Together, MPX and MetisPro deliver exceptional credit card processing and merchant services with extraordinary optimization capabilities to maximize efficiencies, improve reporting, management and usability, and save clients and customers’ time and money – a truly winning team combination! 

This excitement is felt on both sides of the relationship. Says MerchantPro Express President and CEO Chris Briller, “There was an obvious synergy between our two companies, and we’re happy to be bringing new, innovative technology to our customers." Echoing this sentiment was MetisPro Founder and CEO Vigyan Kaushik, who said, “we’re excited to announce a new and integrated point of sales system built with efficiency and comprehensive features to help businesses grow their bottom line.”

Contact us to learn more about how your business can save money with credit card processing by MerchantPro Express and POS technology by MetisPro. 

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For additional information please call MerchantPro Express at 888-333-1374 or email info@merchantproexpress.com.

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