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MerchantPro Express Introduces New Ticket Management Platform: MPX Tickets

MPX Tickets by MerchantPro Express is a centralized, cloud-based ticket management platform for seamless printing, customization and sales, among other extraordinary features.
September 09, 2019 2 minute read

MerchantPro Express Introduces New Ticket Management Platform: MPX Tickets

Accepting credit cards swiftly and securely is a critical part of running virtually any business. Some companies, however, have needs that extend beyond the typical transaction. One such additional function required by many operations is the sale and printing of tickets. 

Now, the same company that has been providing first-rate merchant services to businesses across the country for more than 10 years is excited to announce it has introduced a cloud-based platform to help organizations streamline their ticketing sales and save as much as 40% in the process—MPX Tickets

A smooth experience, from start to finish. 

Anyone who runs a business incorporating events—whether it organizes concerts, corporate conferences, charity events, or other occasions—knows its success can depend on even the smallest of factors. MPX Tickets empowers merchants to retain control over every aspect of the ticketing process, to tailor them to their exact needs, all while reducing the total costs.

To start, MPX Tickets makes it simple for merchants to create and customize their physical tickets to match their brand and event, complete with personalized company names, logos and specific event information and text. 

Once the merchant has created the perfect ticket, MPX’s newest platform has the tools to accept payments online or over the phone to be printed from the customer's own printer, or in-person for on the spot printing with a variety of devices such as the Clover® Flex.  

All of this at some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

MPX not only makes the ticketing process easy, but also less expensive. With most ticketing services, the customer is responsible for arranging their payment processing. Having to manage these two services separately not only complicates matters, but also means an increase in costs. Not with MPX Tickets, though.

MPX consolidates these two necessary components into a single services, creating greater opportunities to save. And with MPX’s individualized approach to its services, companies can work with their agents to find the solution that’s right for them.

With these added efficiencies, MPX Tickets customers can save as much as 40% on their total event ticketing costs, compared to similar services.

MPX’s support doesn’t end once a ticket is printed, though. 

Guests lining up to buy tickets means that sales must be updated in real time to accurately represent availability to avoid overselling and other errors. MPX Tickets achieves just that with its robust software designed to keep the queue running smoothly. And with the entire MPX Tickets system managed on one, centralized platform, updates to ticketing can be made from anywhere, at any time

After the event, MPX Tickets’ advanced reporting capabilities enables businesses to conveniently build customized reporting dashboards—either by building their own or by choosing from a large library of templates—all exportable to major file formats. 

Payments made easy. 

True to MerchantPro Express form, accepting payments with MPX Tickets is a safe, secure and organized process within the platform, making it easy to get paid, by automatically splitting payments and depositing income from sellers (whether on-the-street agents or third-party partners). 

To learn more about how you can streamline your events with MPX Tickets, contact us today.

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