MPX Team Spotlight: Director of Client/Agent Relations Salasah Kee, an Extraordinary & Integral Member of the MerchantPro Express Family

MerchantPro Express Director of Client/Agent Relations Salasah Kee possesses an exceptional work ethic, a positive attitude, and genuine passion for her job. Learn about her extraordinary talents, and what she loves most about MPX.
August 24, 2018 2 minute read

Salasah Kee, director of client/agent relations at MerchantPro Express (MPX), joined our team in 2015, and we want to celebrate what makes her so extraordinary.

Consider this 'Salasah’s Spotlight!'

MPX-Blog-Salasah-SpotlightTwenty-five years ago, Salasah took what she thought would be a temporary data entry position at Melville-based credit card processing company First Data Merchant Services. Instead, it turned out to be in credit investigation, a specialty she soon learned she excelled at—and blossomed into a two decade-long career.

“I went for data entry and ended up learning credit processing!” she remarks.

Fate stepped in once again, in the form of MPX CEO Chris Briller, who invited Salasah to interview for her current job just before First Data phased out her role. He'd known her from his own time as an executive there.

Salasah interviewed, and the rest, as they say, is MPX history!

What does a director of client/agent relations do?

Among other tasks, Salasah manages the day-to-day support needs of MPX’s clients and agents. Whether they require assistance with banks changes, help with terminal file builds or software support, programming, account reconciliation, or more, she is there.

“You’re never bored, here,” she says—just the way she likes it!

A self-described "people person," Salasah enthusiastically explains the personal attributes so beneficial to a job demanding so much contact with MPX clients and agents all across the country: “I just love people. I love all people. I love being around people.”

Her positive attitude fits perfectly in with the other members of the MPX team, too.

“Everyone is in such a good mood," she continues. "And you have your ups and your downs, but everyone here is in such a good mood. It’s really uplifting.”

Salasah says this inviting and personable work environment is one of the best aspects of working at MPX, and shares that it's also helped her through her own set of ups and downs.

Salasah lost her father this past June, and though it was a difficult time for her, the MPX team was there in full force to support her. CEO Chris Briller, COO Sean O’Neil, and others all attended her father’s funeral service.

“And when I returned to work, they had a Salasah Day!” she exclaims. “It was so uplifting. My favorite color is pink, and they just had everything pink, and flowers, and it just brought happiness back to me.”

Such a warm return perhaps best exemplifies what Salasah enjoys most about working at MPX, explaining: "They show their appreciation.”

There's another fantastic perk, too, she adds: "They do not micromanage!"

“They trust that you know your job well," continues Salasah. “We are not hounded on a day-to-day basis about a job that we know.”

If she ever does need support—either professionally or personally—she also appreciates that management has got her back.

“It’s like a family, it’s not like a job,” Salasah explains.

This is particularly important for Salasah, whose favorite thing to do outside of the office is to spend time with her husband and three children. Whether that’s watching her youngest daughter Laila's dance recitals, attending her son Rashad's basketball games, or listening to her oldest daughter Aesha sing—Salasha is simply happy to be with her family. When they’re all together, they love visiting parks, going to aquariums and especially listening to music, she says.

One of 13 siblings herself, there's no such thing as a small family gathering for Salasah. When it's just her and her husband, however, the couple enjoy trying new restaurants and going on walks.

And when it's time to go back to the office, Salasah doesn't mind, because, as she puts it, "It’s just amazing — I really love everyone I work with here."

MerchantPro Express is thrilled to have Salasah Kee on our winning team! Learn more about exciting career opportunities at MPX today!

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