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MPX Team Spotlight: Director of Client/Agent Relations Joan Chechakos, an Excellent Team Member, No Matter the Distance

MerchantPro Express Director of Client/Agent Relations Joan Chechakos plays a key role on the MPX team, even from 500 miles away. Learn more about Joan and how MPX was happy to help her make a big change in her life.
November 30, 2018 3 minute read

Joan Chechakos is a director of client/agent relations at MerchantPro Express (MPX). She's been with the company for three years and has been a valued asset through a major transition, inspiring us to recognize how happy we are to have her. 


This is 'Joan’s Spotlight!'

Talk to Joan for just a few minutes and it should be no surprise that she’s a perfect fit for MerchantPro Express. Pleasant and friendly, this Long Islander makes an excellent addition to the close-knit community that is the MPX office. It was this kind of family oriented environment that she enjoyed at a previous job in New York City. Unfortunately, her long commute to Manhattan eventually made working there impractical, and she took a job closer to home at Melville-based credit card processing company First Data Merchant Services. Joan stood out in her role, but one day learned that First Data would be phasing out her position.

This speed bump in Joan’s merchant services career would actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

A friend of hers at First Data, who had gotten the same news, had joined MerchantPro Express, and recommended she do the same.

The change was brilliant. At MPX, Joan had found the sense of community she had been searching for since leaving her job in Manhattan. Not only was she happy being part of such a close-knit team again, she appreciated the trusting working environment devoid of micromanagement.

Today, she spends her time performing key corrections, providing payment terminal support, and serving as all-around customer support for the merchants, as well as the sales agents.

“We’re on the frontline!” Joan declared. 

Joan is there whenever a client or agent has questions, or is experiencing issues, and works diligently to produce a solution. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find the person that does, and will facilitate any necessary calls or research to see every ticket through to the end.

She’s been on that frontline for three years and counting, and MPX couldn’t be happier with her performance. So much so, that when Joan told the company of she and her husband’s ambitions to move down to North Carolina following his retirement this past February, MPX couldn’t bear to lose her.

They decided to try something that they had never done before, and allowed Joan to continue her role as a director of client/agent relations from her new home in North Carolinamore than 500 miles away from MPX’s Melville, NY office!

“They took a chance on me,” she explained. But it was a chance that MPX was willing to take to keep such a valuable team member, and one that has undoubtedly paid off. According to Joan: “It could not have been a smoother transition.” (Excluding the hurricane that blew through her town just days before she was set to begin working from her home office.)

Storm or not, Joan was determined to start on schedule, and MPX was nothing but supportive throughout the entire process.

“They gave me enough time off so that I could move and sent down all my equipment so I could set up my office. I feel so blessed!” she said, recounting how accommodating her whole team was during her transition and new journey with her husband's retirement.

Down in North Carolina, where there are flowers in bloom even in February, they’ve been able to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, taking walks in the afternoon, going to the North Carolina State Fair, and enjoying all the fun events their new home has to offer.  

Joan admits, there are times when she misses being in the office and getting to work in-person with the company's talented leadership and her compassionate coworkers, who have made MPX her favorite company that she's worked for. When she's back on the phones and servicing MPX's remarkable clients and agents, however, with her colleagues just an instant message away, Joan feels as though she's right back in Melville, as if she never left at all.

MPX honors Joan Chechakos, and is overjoyed to have implemented an arrangement suiting both parties so well. Visit our Careers page to learn more about working at MerchantPro Express.  

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