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MPX Continues to Reduce Veteran Employment Challenges Through Patriot Payments

MerchantPro Express Patriot Payments program provides flexible, fulfilling employment with residual revenue to servicemen and women, and their families.
November 11, 2019 3 minute read

Veteran returning home

On Veterans Day, we honor those who've sacrificed so much in serving our country. While this special day of remembrance and recognition is important, it's equally imperative to keep these remarkable individuals in our thoughts every day, for many of these heroes face daily challenges long after returning home

According to a recent survey by the nonprofit Pew Research Center, nearly half of post-9/11 veterans report difficulty readjusting to civilian life. This extends into various aspects of their lives, including reconnecting with family and friends, and acclimating to new routines. Another major transition many veterans find challenging is attaining a job and establishing a career after the military. 


Post-Military Employment by the Numbers

With only 25% of military veterans reporting a job lined up on their return, the vast majority must find new work once retiring from service. This can be a challenging and stressful task, for anyone. Post-military, however, presents additional challenges, such as translating their skills to civilian employers, the lack of a conventional resume, and uncertainty regarding careers. 

As a result of these and other factors, there were 326,000 unemployed American veterans in 2018. 

That’s a 3.5% unemployment rate on average across the United States, as high as 6.5% in some areas. 

This statistic is in itself cause for action. The importance of offering support for this community becomes even clearer when considering that roughly one in three veterans, though employed, express difficulty paying their bills in the years after military retirement. 


A Smoother Transition Through Patriot Payments

At MerchantPro Express (MPX), we are determined to help remove the barriers preventing our veterans from finding fulfilling careers. That’s why we launched Patriot Payments.

The brainchild of MPX Product Specialist Amy Briller and her husband Brad Briller, a Navy veteran, Patriot Payments offers the flexibility and financial security so critical to giving veterans the opportunity they deserve, by welcoming them to the MPX family as Referral Partners.

As Patriot Payments Referral Partners, team members work to make introductions between businesses and the credit card processing services of MPX. Any deals stemming from these generate revenue for their referral partners, and continue to pay residuals for the life of the account. According to Mr. Briller, "very little training is needed, it can be done anywhere and the income stream continues even if you decide to stop and pursue another line of work." With no mandatory quotas or schedules, our veterans enjoy the freedom to maintain greater control over their hours and income. "This is not a 9-5 commitment," he adds. "You can do this on your own time which makes it perfect for someone trying to find work or just starting a new job that may not pay enough yet."

Those who know members of the military recognize that they are not the only ones sometimes needing additional support to maintain their careers. "The program is also perfect for active duty spouses who find it difficult to maintain a career that is constantly interrupted by household moves."

Patriot Payments extends the same extraordinary flexibility and services to these individuals, so they can build their own network of business, wherever they are. As Briller explains, "The work schedule is totally up to you, so you can easily fit it into the hectic and often unpredictable lifestyle of a military family…something we are all too familiar with!"

The benefits of this division go far beyond expanding flexible employment opportunities for veterans and their families, however. 

By donating portions of revenue generated through the program, Patriot Payments provides support to this community in other sectors of life, as well. Since inception, it has contributed to a number of deserving causes, such as Gold Star Teen Adventures

MerchantPro Express wishes all veterans and their families a happy Veterans Day, and remains committed to continuing to find new ways of showing our gratitude and support through Patriot Payments. 

To learn more about our Patriot Payments program, Contact Us today. 

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