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From the Ice to the Office: MPX Welcomes Brent Sopel

MPX is happy to announce an addition to our team: retired NHL player Brent Sopel, who will be helping us reach new goals in Chicago.
July 01, 2016 2 minute read

Brent Sopel

The MPX family continues to grow, and we’re especially thrilled to welcome our newest member: retired National Hockey League legend Brent Sopel, who will take over as the Vice President of Business Development in the Chicago market.

A Long and Successful Career

Before joining MPX, Brent Sopel had an incredible career as a defenseman in the NHL, playing with the Vancouver Canucks, New York Islanders, Atlanta Thrashers, Montreal Canadians and Chicago Blackhawks, where he won the Stanley Cup.

But after 12 years and almost 700 games in the NHL, and more than 1,000 professional, regular season games, Sopel decided to hang up his skates in early 2015 and begin a new chapter in his life. What exactly that would entail, the then 38-year-old wasn’t sure. Still, he was excited to find out.

Figuring Out a Plan

Retiring from hockey gave Sopel the chance to get involved in another profession outside the rink but he didn’t know what he wanted to aim for. “I’ve had my hand in a little bit of everything,” Sopel says. His broad experience includes broadcasting the game that he once played so well. But with many options to consider, choosing just one was going to be tough. All Sopel knew was that he “wasn’t just going to sit around and do nothing.” He wanted to get out there and start a new, enjoyable career that would work for him and his family.

Little did he know that an opportunity would soon present itself.

Making New Goals in Merchant Services

Having been a good friend of MPX Managing Partner Joe Doyle’s brother, Sopel attended last year's PinkTie event, which annually brings business professionals together to find a cure for breast cancer, autism and traumatic brain injuries. MPX has been a longtime member of this charitable organization.

It was there that Doyle suggested Sopel should join a new team: MPX.

The merchant services and credit card processing industry hadn't been on Sopel’s radar but he realized that the partnership was exactly what he was looking for.

“I talked to Joe a lot and it seemed like it would be a perfect fit for where I am in my life,” Sopel recalls.

His new job won't take him away from his family, but it will enable him to use all the relationships he’s developed over the years, earn a lifetime recurring monthly commission on all accounts he signs, and work with a talented cast of characters. Though it’s completely different from anything he’s done before, Sopel has never shied away from a challenge—on or off the ice as his legion of fans know well—and this opportunity isn’t any different. In fact, that’s one of the reasons he decided to jump right in.

“I thrive on challenges,” Sopel exclaims, “and accomplishing them.”

Sopel has already started to embrace this career change. "Things are happening quickly," he says, "I had no idea business owners I've known for years would be so interested in working with me in this new role."

The enthusiasm is mutual. MPX’s President and CEO, Chris Briller, adds, “We’re thrilled to have Brent on the MPX team. We’ve been plotting an entrance into the sought-after Chicago market, and the addition of Brent—a well-known and well-regarded former professional athlete—will help us explode onto the scene there. This is an exciting moment for us.”

It’s clear that both Sopel and MPX see a bright future ahead as they move forward together with this new winning relationship. 

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