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MPX’s Joe Doyle Launches Live Strategic Referral Partner Program

MPX's Joe Doyle recently launched a live Referral Partner Program in which people can help make money by helping others save money.
February 27, 2017 2 minute read

MPX’s Joe Doyle Launches Live Strategic Referral Partner Program

Twenty years in the merchant services industry led him to this. On a chilly January Saturday morning, in a jam-packed hotel ballroom, Joe Doyle, a partner at the credit card processing company MerchantPro Express (MPX), realized he was onto something big.  

Both flattered and overwhelmed by the attendance and buzz in the room, Doyle reached for his phone, and before snapping a picture of the 80-plus eager faces before him, announced, “Ok, so my second grade teacher told me I’d never make anything of myself.” The audience burst into hysterics, and Doyle was well on his way. His Strategic Referral Partner Program tour had begun.


Doyle has spent the entirety of his 20-year career in merchant services. The last 10 years were spent training hundreds of people with absolutely no merchant services experience. These people were then able to leverage their networks and sell their way to earning thousands of dollars a month—all while saving each of their friends, family and business associates thousands of dollars a year.

“Joe has become an exceptional industry talent,” comments MPX’s chief operating officer Sean O’Neil. “He has developed an innovative path to success in what can be a very challenging industry. More impressively, he’s boiled it down to manageable steps that can be taught to and absorbed by just about anyone.”

If you have walked into the offices at MPX at any time over the past three years, you have undoubtedly heard Doyle pitching on his office phone or in front of a handful of people in the conference room about everything from basis points to interchange to discount rates. Doyle has always worn his passion for his business and for training others on his sleeve. Until his recent Strategic Referral Partner Program launched, he was training one salesperson at a time.

“So I started thinking,” Doyle reflects, “I basically deliver the same pitch many hours a week to individuals and small groups of people. I could do it far more efficiently and make a bigger impact if I could fill a room and deliver this to many individuals at once.”

Doyle reserved a ballroom at the Holiday Inn in Plainview, New York on a Saturday and invited his entire contact list. Those who attended were treated to a thoroughly informative and entertaining program packed with Doyle’s brilliant sales nuggets that guests could begin applying the moment they walked out the door.

Doyle’s program consisted of four main modules:

  • The MP “X” Factor:

    Description of what makes MPX unique among its competitors.
  • The MPX Value Story:

    Explanation of the MPX value proposition to sales people, referral partners and merchants.
  • Guaranteed Savings / Guaranteed Earnings:

    Our core messaging regarding the savings and earnings potential.
  • Relationships / Networks:

    Step-by-step instructions for analyzing your personal network and determining where true opportunity lies.

Keary Millard, SVP of Marketing at Red Bull Energy Drink, who attended the event, said “The program was extremely straightforward, and I left there knowing I could help people from my everyday life save money while earning additional income for myself. Joe’s delivery captivated my attention with his thought provoking, passionate and transparent presentation.”

Doyle’s Strategic Referral Partner Program is off and running and it’s not stopping here. Doyle is planning future programs in Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Charleston in 2017.

Interested in becoming a referral partner for MPX?

Contact Joe Doyle via phone (516-531-2330) or email (jdoyle@mpxusa.com).


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For additional information please call MerchantPro Express at 888-333-1374 or email info@merchantproexpress.com.

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