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MPX's Inside Sales Center Brings New Level of Tech-Driven Customized Service

MPX's Dan Krolczyk and Steve Boyles have built a successful telesales team in Richmond, Virginia, characterized by exceptional leadership and extraordinary results attracting new customers via excellent credit processing services and tech-driven customized business solutions.
October 23, 2018 2 minute read

Since its founding in 2009, credit card processing company MerchantPro Express (MPX) has made its mission to not only help clients save money on merchant services expenses, but continuously expand the ways it assists them in running their businesses. With an experienced and dedicated team striving to achieve excellence, the MPX Inside Sales Center (ISC) in Richmond, Virginia is surpassing these ambitious goals, and more.

MPX-Blog-Richmond-Telesales-OfficeThe ISC first opened its doors in April 2018, and has been a driving force in the company’s efforts to enter new markets ever since, particularly within the digital sphere. This has meant reaching out to prospects and demonstrating just how much time and money partnering with MPX can save their businesses on merchant services.

These agents aren’t just masters in MPX’s credit card processing services, though. They’re also bona fide app experts!


MPX has become synonymous with competitive credit card processing and exceptional customer service, but few may know they also provide their customers with access to more than 400 apps designed to help businesses of any size and any industry maximize revenue, reduce costs, and run more smoothly.

From staff scheduling software to programs that collect reviews and manage customer relationships, these experienced agents know the ins and outs of each app, and can curate this full suite of business solutions to create a customized set specific to a client's unique needs.

At the head of this growing office are Dan Krolczyk and Steve Boyles.

These two industry professionals, with nearly four decades of experience between them, are dedicated to providing a personalized and productive experience to every customer who contacts their office—and according to Dan and Steve, it's all going “extremely well!"

This might be the understatement of the year.

MPX COO Sean O’Neil, who recently visited the ISC in Richmond, explains that Dan and Steve have "really put together a wonderful team.” It doesn't take long to see that its 11 members form a close-knit, family oriented office always striving to contribute to the success of not just their branch, but MPX as a whole.

Dan and Steve foster this atmosphere by constantly ensuring their team has the necessary tools for success, and that each member feels appreciated. This includes, for instance: “pop-up” training sessions several times a day to familiarize them with industry updates, office giveaways, encouraging their team’s creativity, and keeping the office energized and productive.

"We value individualism and creativity from our sales reps,” says Steve. 

And while such a leadership style is great for team morale, it’s also beneficial to reaching their goals.

Dan and Steve believe that when their sales reps are encouraged to think creatively, they're able to deliver even better and more customized solutions to their customers. So far, they've been right, and MPX customers have been enjoying an unmatched level of service!

The success of the Inside Sales Center is just latest exciting development elevating MPX to new heights, and we commend Dan and Steve on their outstanding accomplishments.

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