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New PinkTie.org Commercial Featuring MerchantPro Express

PinkTie.org, an organization dedicated to finding cures for cancer and other illnesses, has a new commercial that will be airing on YES Network.
September 14, 2015 2 minute read

Take a look at the new PinkTie.org commercial that will begin airing on YES Network tonight featuring MerchantPro Express (MPX), one of the nation's top credit card processing companies, based in Woodbury, New York, as well as other sponsors.

MerchantProExpress-PinkTieCommercialPinkTie.org, or Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure, was founded in 2012 by Mike Cave who lost his aunt to breast cancer. Thus, the organization’s initial purpose was to help find a cure for breast cancer. However, it has since expanded to other illnesses, such as traumatic brain injuries and autism. Members are able to align themselves with different non-profits on Long Island in order to help give back to their communities. North Shore Breast Cancer Initiative, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, South Nassau Community Hospital and FACT (Find A Cure Today) are among the many organizations PinkTie.org supports. Events are held within the real estate industry – real estate agents, attorneys as well as title insurance and mortgage professionals – which allows members to network in order to raise awareness for these charitable organizations, encouraging others to get involved.

In 2015 alone, PinkTie.org raised $300,000 for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation at its 3rd annual event.

Joseph Doyle, MPX Executive Vice President of Sales Development, praises the organization for bringing people together for a great cause. “While at MPX, I was introduced to Mike and Rich Cave from PinkTie. I witnessed these two philanthropic, passionate, and energetic brothers literally throwing themselves into the business of raising money for a great cause. I decided to join them on this crusade to raise money to help in the cure for breast cancer. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to give back.” Mr. Doyle continues, “PinkTie gives thousands of people the opportunity to give back to a great cause while at the same time building their businesses. This is both personally and professionally very fulfilling and rewarding!”

Other sponsors include 1st Equity Title and Closing Services – Mr. Cave is CEO – as well as Trinity Solar, Contour Mortgage, Franklin First Financial, The Money Store, Steiner Sports and Entertainment Marketing and many more.

Additionally, PinkTie1000 recently launched in which companies can donate just $100 per quarter in order to help raise even more money for non-profits. Doyle explains, “MPX mapped out a plan where we would waive all the credit card processing fees for the new PinkTie1000 initiative. This enables PinkTie1000 to have 100% transparency, where every penny donated goes towards the cause.”

Go to www.PinkTie1000.org to find out how you can get involved.


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