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Looking Back: MPX and PinkTie Celebrate Their Partnership

New York credit card processing company MPX and PinkTie.org (Real Estate Professionals Networking for a Cure) are celebrating one year as partners.
March 31, 2016 2 minute read

Looking Back: MPX and PinkTie Celebrate Their Partnership

MerchantPro Express (MPX) is happy to announce the first anniversary of its partnership with PinkTie.

PinkTie is a Long Island-based organization founded in 2012 dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer and other illnesses and disorders, such as autism and traumatic brain injuries. MPX is excited to have formed close ties with such an incredible organization.

How It Began

From the very beginning, a key part of PinkTie’s vision was committing 100% of all money received to the charities they supported. In its history, PinkTie had never used any funds for administrative or management fees, but finding a credit card processing company willing to let PinkTie process credit card payments for free—to continue its 100% commitment—was proving to be a challenge.

And then PinkTie met MPX.

From the first meeting, both MPX and PinkTie knew that this would be a successful partnership because MPX’s Tom Fazio, Joe Doyle  and Randi Meiselas had an instant connection with PinkTie Founders Rich and Mike Cave and their cause. “In the first fifteen minutes, I realized we were a perfect fit for PinkTie!” exclaims MPX’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Joe Doyle. “Few credit card processing companies are willing to risk a total loss on a large account. At MPX, when we see an opportunity for us to associate with a top-notch organization, do something that benefits others, and gain creditability in the merchant community, we’ll find a way to do it. And we did in the case of PinkTie. It was a no brainer.”

Rich Cave, one of PinkTie’s founding members, echoes Mr. Doyle’s sentiments: “We regularly search for partners like MPX who share our passion for curing life-threatening illnesses and who are willing to invest in our cause along with us. When we all have skin in the same game, we’re willing to go above and beyond to help each other. We love the MPX team. They did what no other credit card processing company would do, and they have been a perfect fit for us right from the beginning.”

One Year Later and Still Going Strong

One year after they inked their deal, MPX and PinkTie see their partnership as strong and impactful as ever. “Joe, Tom and Randi are regulars at our membership meetings and fundraising events,” says Mr. Cave. “They’ve become part of the fabric of our community. And now, they’re not just partners - we’re lucky enough to call them friends.”

Mr. Doyle adds, “Merchants across Long Island now associate MPX with a local company that cares about residents and merchants of the community. This has resulted in countless referrals and new merchant customers and goodwill. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the PinkTie family!”

Besides providing PinkTie with stellar and completely free credit card processing services, MPX is also actively involved in promoting the foundation’s cause to the fullest—Mr. Doyle and Ms. Meiselas even appeared in a PinkTie television commercial last September and are looking forward to attending the 4th Annual PinkTie Event on Monday, May 9, 2016. The special occasion will bring together all PinkTie members and supporters to help raise money for local and nationwide charities.

With already so much to be proud of and a bright future ahead for both organizations, MPX and PinkTie’s partnership should only continue to grow.

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