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6 Real Work-from-Home Jobs to Consider

Some real work-from-home jobs that you may want to consider include merchant services referral partner, web designer, and pet sitter.
February 15, 2017 3 minute read

6 Real Work-from-Home Jobs to Consider

Working from home is an increasingly common option for many people today. Whether you are a parent who wants to spend more time with your kids during the day or someone who prefers to work in the comforts of home, this choice might be just right for you.

But finding really good opportunities to work from home may be more difficult than you think. Although there are a slew of legitimate openings, there are a lot of scams out there as well.

Here are half a dozen real work-from-home jobs that you may want to consider as you begin your search:

1. Web Designer

As long as you have the money for the software, a creative eye, and the free time to get familiar with programs, like Adobe Dream Weaver or a similar HTML-editing software and Adobe Photoshop for image editing, being a web designer is a viable work-from-home option.

While many designers have earned a degree in their prospective field, you don’t have to go back to school to do this. There are web developer boot camps available in-person and online, such as those offered by Udemy, an online learning platform, which are basically crash courses in web development to teach you the basic skills you need. Then you can build up your portfolio to compete with other web designers.

2. Data Entry Clerk

If you are extremely well organized, detail-oriented and computer savvy, being a data entry clerk may be a lucrative opportunity. This job is all about efficiency and accuracy. You must be able to organize the information given to you and enter that information into a computer database in a timely manner without error.

Checking out employment sites, such as monster.com or indeed.com, can help you find some real work-from-home jobs in this field. The requirements include having impeccable typing skills, being able to work well independently, as well as having the ability to multi-task.  

3. Freelance Photographer

Many freelance photographers have earned a college degree first. But it’s your experience and your portfolio that help to get your foot in the door. You have to have an eye for this kind of work. If you’re willing to put the time into pursuing an online photography degree, this opportunity could be right for you. Yes, you won’t be working from home all the time—you will have to be on site at some point, depending on the assignment—but this occupation definitely isn’t your typical 9-to-5 job. On the other hand, it is highly competitive and not necessarily that lucrative. 

4. Merchant Services Referral Partner

Those who love interacting with people could really excel in merchant sales. Here’s the lowdown: A merchant services company gives business owners the equipment and services needed to accept credit and debit cards from their customers. A merchant services referral partner finds business owners who are unhappy with their current provider and are looking to obtain a new merchant services account.

The only thing that you would be responsible for is finding those leads and convincing them to have their current credit card processing statements reviewed by your employer. While you would have to learn a bit about the industry, your employer should offer educational tools to help you get up to speed. But you will need to know how to handle the (inevitable) rejection in merchant sales. Here's your motivation. You'll receive monthly residuals with every client you bring on board, and that could be a great way to earn some money from home.

5. Professional Organizer

Hiring someone to organize your closet, your garage, or any other room in your home is becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, that you can become a certified professional organizer yourself. If you’re someone who loves to organize, alphabetize, and de-clutter, being a professional organizer is something to consider. Although you will have to go to clients’ houses, you won’t be stuck in an office all day. You can schedule your appointments whenever and however you see fit.  

6. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is definitely a work-from-home job that animal lovers especially appreciate. Whether you simply want to look after your friends’ or your neighbors’ pets or grow your own pet-sitting business, this kind of job can give you the flexibility that comes with working remotely, as well as the opportunity to earn money doing something fun. There’s even a National Association of Professional Pet Sitters!

Because so many people view their pets as part of their families, they want to know that their furry friends are being well taken care-of. It's a matter of trust. If you offer dog-walking services, you can spend even more time with these adorable animals and make even more money.

Aren’t quite sure yet? Here are some things to consider when you're thinking about working from home.

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