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These 3 Questions Will Help You Pick the Right Credit Card Machine for Your Small Business

Choosing the right credit card machine begins with answering the right questions, such as where you'll be doing business, the kind of space you have available, and types of payments you need to accept.
November 27, 2019 4 minute read
Customer paying with a credit card

By now, most businesses understand that accepting credit cards is a vital part of running a successful operation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to doing so, however. To maximize the benefits of accepting card payments, a business needs to not only work with the right credit card processing company, but also leverage the right equipment

Credit card machines come in several varieties, with many different models and features to choose from. The type you select for your business can have significant implications for your day-to-day activities, your payment acceptance, and your customers’ overall experiences. With so much at stake, choosing the perfect one is imperative!

Below are three of the most important questions to ask yourself when selecting the best credit card machine to meet your needs. 

Is your business stationary or on the go?

One factor that can easily narrow down the type of credit card machine you should explore is where you do business

Businesses with a stationary, brick-and-mortar location are less likely to need to accept payments from various sites. While many still prefer lightweight, streamlined equipment, those setting up shop in one place should feel free to consider more robust point-of-sale (POS) stations designed to remain in a fixed spot, with larger displays and multiple attachments. 

The Clover® System is a good example. 

Clover Station

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Businesses that are mobile by design, whether they change locations frequently or accept payment upon delivery, for example, should instead prioritize lightweight, portable terminals. These devices can accept card payments from anywhere, are typically more secure, and offer greater support than smartphone payment attachments.


Payment processing technology company First Data offers multiple such tools, including the FD130, FD200, and FD410








Clover® also provides a sleek mobile solution with its Clover® Flex.

Clover Flex

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If you opt for a mobile solution, consider these four tips to find the best. 


Is you business short on space? 

Even businesses that make use of a stationary checkout often seek to reduce the amount of space their credit card machine takes up. The more required, the less counter area for other necessary tools or revenue-driving merchandise. As such, businesses that work in smaller spaces or want to maximize theirs as much as possible frequently choose models with larger displays and more features than a portable terminal, but a smaller footprint than other POS systems.


Clover Mini

The Clover® Mini, for example, provides the perfect intersection of user friendliness and minimalism to maximize both space and functionality. 


How do your customers typically pay?

The types of payment you normally receive plays a large role in the kind of machine you need. Naturally, having a credit card machine will enable you to accept credit and other card payments. Depending on your industry, customer base, and products, though, it may be in your company’s best interest to accept other forms of payment, too. 

POS systems, such as the Clover® System, are known for having a wider array of attachments. Adding a compatible cash draw, for example, can enable you to quickly and efficiently service your cash-paying customers. 

Beyond cash, though, some customers (particularly in the B2B space) prefer to pay with checks. Notorious for being more bothersome for a business to process, these often require trips to the bank and extended timelines before funds become available. 



Certain payment terminals, such as the FD200, come ready to support TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® services, which streamline and secure the check acceptance process. 


Every business is different, making finding the right credit card machine a unique process for every operation. You don’t have to do it alone, though. The credit card processing experts at MerchantPro Express are standing by to offer guidance. Contact Us today to set up a free consultation. 

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