The Best Credit Card Processing Company in New York

Though there are a number of merchant service providers, find out why MerchantPro Express is the best credit card processing company in New York.
December 23, 2015 1 minute read


Owning a business is anything but easy—especially in New York where competition is fierce and prices can be through the roof.

As a business owner, not only is your daily to-do list miles long, but the number of expenses to monitor just to keep your doors open is astronomical.  However, though some expenses may be out of your control, such as any permits or license fees, there are others that you are better able to regulate.

A price to pay

Having the ability to accept various forms of payment methods isn’t a choice—it’s a requirement. Nevertheless, although you may understand the importance of finding a credit card processing company, you may not necessarily realize that the merchant services industry is unregulated, which means that each merchant service provider differs vastly from one another.

Therefore, discovering the best credit card processing company in New York is even more difficult because not only do you have a lot of choices, but if you don’t do your research, you may end up overpaying for services.

The best credit card processing company in New York isn’t going to overcharge you, but instead offer modern, efficient products and services at the most competitive rates while saving business owners money.

Some key products and services to look for in the best credit card processing company in New York are:

  • Mobile solutions
  • EMV-compliant terminals
  • Next day funding
  • Gift card programs
  • Apple Pay
  • Installation services
  • Online reporting

New York’s finest

MerchantPro Express (MPX) is a credit card processing company that has been providing merchant services to the business owners in New York for almost a decade. Being a New York-based business, MPX recognizes the challenges merchants are confronted with on a daily basis because we face the same difficulties.

With the help of First Data and Wells Fargo—the largest credit card processing bank in North America and the largest funding bank in the country, respectively—MPX offers business owners products and services to make the checkout experience for customers quick and easy, as well as help keep some extra money in the bank that can be put back into the business.

The team at MPX is dedicated to every one of their clients, determined to learn as much as possible about the businesses they provide their services to so they can develop the right cost-savings solution for each of them. For MPX, both saving businesses money and educating clients about what we do are our two main goals.

MPX is so confident that they can provide merchants savings that potential clients are given a $1,000 gift card from American Express if they don't save. 

Contact MPX now to learn more.

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