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MPX's Tom Fazio Joins President's Council of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island

MerchantPro Express Senior VP Tom Fazio's leadership role at nonprofit BBBSLI follows a decade of involvement helping Long Island's youth.
May 22, 2019 2 minute read

Long Island-based credit card processing and merchant services company MerchantPro Express (MPX) is no stranger to supporting causes it believes in, sponsoring and spearheading  a wide variety of charitable initiatives throughout the past decade. This commitment to improving the local community doesn't stop at the close of business, either. It's a core value ingrained in MPX's culture and team members. 

One such member embodying this spirit of giving back is MPX Senior Vice President of Sales Tom Fazio, who was recently invited to join the President's Council of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island (BBBSLI). 

The nonprofit is a chapter of the national Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and shares its mission: to "provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally-supported, 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever." 

While serving as a leading force in a number of community events and charitable activities, BBBSLI profoundly impacts local children through its renowned mentorship program. This matches children ages 7 to 14 (called "Littles") with adult volunteers ("Bigs"), who serve as mentors and role models as they navigate adolescence, with the goal of promoting positive life choices and personal growth. 

Tom Fazio has been involved in this exceptional organization since 2010, when he began assisting with the planning of its many events, such as the Holidays for Kids' Sake program held this past December. Tom isn't just a supporter, though, he's also been a "Big Brother" to his "Little Brother" Sebastien for four years! 

After nearly a decade of committed service to BBBSLI, Tom Fazio has been invited to join its President's Council—an incredible honor, which he's emphatically accepted. 

As a member of the President's Council, Tom will take a leading role in planning and promoting BBBSLI events, drumming up support for all its activities, and helping achieve monthly fundraising goals. Most importantly, he'll be a vocal advocate for the organization—helping to spread the word about BBBSLI's extraordinary impact on the Long Island community throughout the past 40 years.

Tom is honored to begin his new role, wasting no time in noting that one of the best ways to support the group is to get involved.

"Right now, we're in need of Big Brothers and Little Sisters," he says, explaining that there are more than 500 boys waiting to be matched with Bigs, and conversely, many approved "Big Sisters" waiting to mentor Littles. "I definitely encourage anyone who wants to make a difference in a child's life to learn more about becoming a Big. And if there's a child in your life that's in need of a Big Brother or Sister, look into enrolling them as a Little."

"You would not believe how big of an impact it could have," he adds.

MerchantPro Express is proud of Tom Fazio's remarkable work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, and we look forward to hearing about its impact far into the future.

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