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Want to Work from Home? Learn How Your Phone is the Key to Success

Looking at different stay-at-home mom jobs? Consider a career in merchant services. Find out how to be salesperson through MPX's cell phone test.
September 22, 2015 3 minute read


Are you ready to get back to work after starting a family? The kids off to school and finding yourself with some discretionary time? Finally, there is a legitimate, stay-at-home jobs for moms available that give you the opportunity to earn a living while staying home with your children. A career in merchant services allows you to offer business owners that you know credit card processing solutions that save them money and help them process payments more efficiently and securely. Imagine working from home in a fun, flexible job that helps you save friends and professional contacts money while helping you build an income stream that grows each and every month? 

You may be asking yourself, “How could I be a successful sales rep when I don’t know anyone I could sell to?”

Randi Meiselas, Vice President of Client Relations at MerchantPro Express (MPX), asked herself the same question several years ago.

The answer for her was simple: Go through your cell phone.

A cell phone is like a house

Most people are not aware of how many business people they actually know. It is kind of like when you live in a house for 10 years and keep accumulating more and more stuff. At some point, you don’t even remember how you acquired most of the items, but somehow they ended up in the basement or pushed to the back of your closet. The same goes for your connections; you add contact after contact in your phone without giving it much thought. That is, until you make the conscious effort to sort it all out and take stock of what you’ve actually got. It’s like setting aside a Saturday to assess and organize the hundreds of boxes in your attic. You’ll find old friends, people you would rather forget, and yes, people who would love to save money and help you make money in the process.

The secret cell phone test


You’re probably using your phone right this second – because you are texting, emailing or reading this blog. The cell phone test doesn’t require much effort on your part because all you have to do is go through your contacts. Let’s face it; most people hold their entire lives in their hands. You access emails, bank accounts and the internet from your phone. And the contact information of everyone you know, whether you talk to them daily or once in a while, is saved on this device. Scroll through each one and take notice of the people who either run their own businesses or have connections to other people who do. You’ll be amazed at what you discover. You will encounter at least one person. And that’s all you need.

Ms. Meiselas reveals that Joe Doyle, Executive Vice President of Sales Development at MPX, showed her this trick when she first started in the industry. By simply going through her list of contacts, she discovered she had over 1,000 of them. Meiselas points out that this is a simple and productive way to find out how many potential clients you have. “Gathering all your networks, all the people you have in your life who own a business – retailers, attorneys, doctors, manufacturers, restauranteurs – and those who are responsible for making financial decisions for companies – controllers, CFOs, bookkeepers, office or store managers . You know a ton of people. You just need to take a look at who’s lurking among your contacts.”

Before you know it, you will meet even more people because, as Meiselas continues, “Those contacts would recommend their friends.” It’s all about networking. Once you have a few prospects, the likelihood of reaching others will increase. Meiselas points out that this is a great way to get started. “As long as you have contacts and a networking ability, you can start as slowly as you want, all at your own pace. It’s fun, easy, and there’s absolutely no pressure – I am completely in charge of my own day.”

Anyone who is just getting back into the workforce after taking a few years off to start a family would be able to easily transition from stay-at-home parent to work-from-home parent. Anyone who wants to change careers can also do so with a little assistance from his or her phone. Plus, the best part is you will not only be excelling in a new, exciting career that pays you monthly recurring sales commissions, but you will also be helping friends, family and clients by providing them with meaningful savings each month as well as access to the most modern  payment processing technology. Everyone benefits.

The takeaway

If you want to find out if you could be a successful sales professional in a growing and exciting industry, look at the contacts in your cell phone. The moment you make the connection between contact and potential client is when you will start to believe that you could become a first-rate salesperson. You will invariably have that moment that will go something like, “Oh yeah, Aunt Jess owns a bakery! She is always talking about how tough her business can be. I’d love to save her money and help her succeed.”

A key takeaway – besides the fact that you know more people than you think, never underestimate yourself. Even if you are starting a new career after devoting time to parenting for a number of years, paying attention to little things, such as the value you can add to your personal and professional connections, will only help you.

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