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What Are the Average Fees for Processing Credit Cards?

Small business credit card processing fees vary greatly and depend on a variety of unique factors, such as the size of the business, the number of transactions, accepted card types and more.
July 30, 2019 2 minute read
Processing Credit Cards?

Accepting credit card payments is necessary for any business, but comes at an expense. Merchants are charged various credit card processing fees, and given the tremendous volume of card transactions the average business tallies these days, they can add up.

“What are the average fees for processing credit cards?” is therefore a common question among merchants. The full answer encompasses more than simply a range of numbers, however—and some credit card processing companies are reluctant to share.

MerchantPro Express (MPX), on the other hand, educates business owners on what goes into their total costs, so they can make the best decisions for their bottom lines.

So, what are the average fees for processing credit cards? 

As we've said above, it's difficult to calculate an average that's applicable to a majority of small businesses in the United States. That's because every business is different and it's not simply one payment decided on and paid to a single entity. 

The percentage is actually the sum of fees charged by different entities involved in the payment process, including: 

  • Interchange Fee Charged by Credit Card Issuer
  • Assessment Fee Charged by Credit Card Network 
  • Fees Charged by Processor for Their Services 

There are several factors considered when your credit card processor determines this, including:

  • Size of Business
  • Amount of Card Transactions
  • Average Transaction Value 
  • Location of Transaction (in person vs. remotely)
  • Credit Card Types Accepted 


In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to credit card processing fees. 

MerchantPro Express, for example, carefully analyzes a business, and frequently secures rates below the national average. That’s why merchants should do their homework on which credit card processors create the most individualized solutions for their clients, so you can be sure the rates you’re paying are those most appropriate for your business and a service necessary for your growth isn’t hindering that growth. 

In addition to the standard determining factors of your business’s credit card processing fees, there are often additional fees that will be leveraged by your merchant services provider affecting what you pay at the end of the month, too. Some providers will try to hide these additional fees or raise them slowly over time, so make sure you are carefully examining your monthly merchant statements or inquiring with your provider to find out exactly what you’re paying, and why.

MerchantPro Express does not charge any unnecessary fees, and never raises rates. 

The credit card processing professionals at MPX will analyze your business and craft a solution that saves you money and helps your business grow. Contact Us to request a quote today. 

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