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What’s It Like Interning at MerchantPro Express? Here's One Summer Intern’s Personal Story

MerchantPro Express (MPX) summer intern Erin Lankowicz shares how working with MPX not only introduced her to various aspects of the credit card processing industry, but also taught her invaluable lessons about problem solving, networking, and company culture.
September 27, 2018 2 minute read

As graduation inches closer and closer, my focus will gradually shift from juggling a full class load, college soccer and lacrosse team commitments, and a part-time job, to what comes next: preparing to enter the workforce. I hope this next chapter will enable me to find a fulfilling and rewarding career.


My internship at MerchantPro Express has helped me gain the independence and confidence needed to take my career to the next level.

I was entrusted with tasks that made me realize I am capable of much more than what I first believed, yet expanded my business knowledge. I was also taught many things that went beyond the theoretical knowledge of credit card processing.

For me, finding an internship was all about gaining the experience of something under the umbrella of my degree, and working in a corporate business environment. Luckily, joining the MPX team for the summer provided me with much more than that. Not only did I obtain training within crucial departments of the company, but also invaluable insights on the traits so critical for success in my professional career.

This was not a typical internship where I was taking coffee orders or making copies, but an extraordinary opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on an industry I knew very little about, as well as acquire useful skills. I am certain these will positively impact my future career path.

While under my various rotations in departments including client services, sales, marketing, and recruiting, I was able to grasp a more comprehensive understanding of the payments industry. Along with learning how to sell and market credit card processing, I attained skills and information on how to be successful in whatever career I pursue.

In the beginning, I was scared to bother employees during their busy day to ask questions. Over time, I gained the confidence to engage with employees at all levels, and developed interpersonal and problem-solving skills by interacting with customers and other team members.

Everyone at MerchantPro Express was more than happy to help and answer any of my questions.

I am deeply grateful to all of my colleagues who took the time to answer my questions and provide invaluable guidance. Some employees even took moments out of their day to sit down with me and discuss the many questions I had on not just the industry, but how they got to where they are today, and anything in between. I learned the importance of networking and making connections, that the little things have a huge impact, the value of professional communications, to accept constructive criticism when given, and how utilize it.

The most important thing I learned was the value of maintaining a strong work ethic if you wish to succeed in life.

The aspect I loved the most about interning for MerchantPro Express this summer was the positive company culture.

Every morning, I was greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes, followed by sincere inquiries on how my internship was going. Working with two other interns enabled us to bounce ideas off each other, and truly work as a team.

Company Culture is an attribute I now consider to be very valuable. I will utilize all the knowledge and skills I gained from working at MerchantPro Express to continue to make an impact in my professional career.

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