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Why Sales Executives Flock to MerchantPro Express

MPX's superior services, streamlined sales process, support and compensation are just several reasons why sales agents across the country join the team.
June 24, 2019 3 minute read
Sales Team

Throughout the past decade, MerchantPro Express (MPX) has made a name for itself as one of the fastest-growing ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) in the industry, with hundreds of sales agents serving more than 10,000 clients across the United States. This exponential growth isn’t just a result of the exceptional merchant services MPX provides to its clients, though. It was made possible through building a team of talented sales agents advocating the value of those services to business owners.

How has MPX been able to attract such an exceptional team?

Since its inception, MPX has been dedicated to creating an environment in which its sales agents can feel empowered to grow and succeed, both for the good of their own careers and the good of the company. That’s been achieved by differentiating the company from its competition in a number of key ways—attracting the best merchant services sales agents from larger banks to MerchantPro Express.

1. A product to believe in.

The most successful sales agents are those who are confident in the product or service they’re promoting.

With a wide variety of payment solutions that can save businesses as much as 50% on credit card processing costs, all reinforced by an outstanding support team, MPX makes it easy to get in front of a prospect with the confidence that switching merchant services providers is the right decision for their business.

2. An unmatched level of support.

At MPX, merchant services sales agents are given access to a robust library of materials and other resources. From informative flyers and brochures to sales presentations and more, MPX sales agents possess the tools required to communicate the company's value, and can even personalize these materials with their contact information.

MPX’s level of support goes beyond marketing materials, though. Sales agents also have access to a team of experienced credit card processing and customer support professionals standing by, dedicated to the success of the sales agents and their clients.

“MPX has been a breath of fresh air for myself and my team,” says MPX Senior Vice President of Sales David Keen. “The support we have internally is truly incredible. The staff truly cares about doing the right thing for the client.”

3. A streamlined and effective sales process.

Such support is so critical to MPX agents' success it deserves its own spot on this list.

The process involves several steps carefully crafted throughout MPX’s history to optimize finding the best prospects, obtaining the right information, formulating an individualized solution, and presenting the deal to the merchant.

4. Competitive and reliable compensation.

MerchantPro Express encourages the most talented professionals to join its team by providing competitive rates and benefits.

MPX can offer experienced merchant services sales agents:

  • The most competitive Schedule A in the merchant services industry
  • True residual ownership for the life of the account
  • Commission paid on the last business day of every month

The transparency with which MPX explains their compensation and benefits is another reason why so many sales agents have joined the team, including Stephanie Castellanos who says, "the best move I’ve ever made was leaving corporate and becoming an agent at MPX over 2 years ago," and that "MerchantPro Express is a very honest company and a great place to work!"

5. Independence.

MerchantPro Express believes that sales agents perform best when they have the flexibility to conduct their business with a level of freedom. That’s why MPX is happy to employ hundreds of sales agents around the country, who enjoy the ability to work from home, retain control over their own salary, and manage their own clients.

“MPX allows us to have 100% control of our accounts, which allows us to price in confidence that nothing will change from the contract that was signed with the customer,” continues MPX's David Keen.

6. A family environment.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of MPX is the strong sense of camaraderie shared among team members.

While sales agents, referral partners, support staff and all the others who make the company’s success possible may work in different offices, or even live in different cities or states, there is still a strong sense of community within its ranks. Company events, celebrations and newsletters keep members of the team updated and involved, to make MPX more than just a company. It’s a community of driven individuals committed to succeeding, together.

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MerchantPro Express is always eager to hear from talented individuals looking to propel their career. Visit our Careers page to learn more about joining the team.

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