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Why to Consider a Wireless Credit Card Terminal for Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Adding a wireless credit card terminal can open your business up to a number of additional opportunities such as maximizing customer service, reaching new audiences, and hosting your own events.
January 10, 2020 2 minute read

Customer paying with credit card on wireless device

When considering the merits of investing in a wireless credit card terminal for their business, a merchant might be under the perception that such devices are valuable only to businesses that are “on-the-go.” That’s not entirely accurate, though! While it is definitely true that wireless credit card terminals are a staple of mobile businesses, they are also an invaluable tool that can be leveraged by a variety of businesseseven those that are brick-and-mortar.  

In fact, using a wireless terminal in addition to or instead of a stationary point of sale (POS) system can improve your business in several significant ways.

Below are three ways businesses can use these terminals that you may have yet to consider:

1. Ring up customers directly on the sales floor

Given the nature of the shopping experience, the stationary checkout counter might continue to be the most sensible option for certain retail environments, such as grocery stores. For those businesses that rely heavily on a consultative customer service approach and provide individualized attention, such as what one might experience at a furniture store or clothing boutique, there’s no reason to make your customers meet you at a counter if they’re simply paying with a card. 

Ringing them up right on the spot, regardless of where you're standing, creates a more personalized and attentive atmosphere and reduces the amount of time the customer has to second-guess their purchase on the way to the register. 

2. Take advantage of off-site events

Just because your business isn’t necessarily “on-the-go” doesn’t mean your sales activities must be confined to your physical location. Depending on your products and services, there might be opportunities to take advantage of events happening in your area. 

Craft fairs, trade shows, farmers’ markets and other events can provide the perfect opportunity to introduce your offerings to new sets of potential customers that might not have otherwise found you. By having a wireless terminal at the ready, you can close the sale in just a few moments.


3. Host your own ticketed events

One revenue option that many businesses overlook is the ability to organize and host ticketed events. The nature of the event will depend on your business and its goals, but could range from inviting guest speakers from your industry to speak, hosting concerts or performances, and arranging networking events, among other ideas. In fact, the possibilities are limitless. But in order to manage the event successfully, you need to have the right services and equipment. 

Wireless terminals such as the Clover® Flex are the best devices to manage such events with ease. Pair it with the right services, like MPX Tickets, and you'll be creating, printing, and redeeming tickets to your own event in no time. 

There’s no need to choose just one. 

Enjoying the advantages of a wireless credit card terminal does not mean that you cannot reap the benefits of stationary POS and wired systems as well. Many businesses elect to implement both types of equipment. By purchasing multiple devices that are compatible with each other, your business can create a centralized payment system that maximizes your selling potential. 

Want more guidance in navigating your equipment options? The experts at MerchantPro Express are here to help you find the perfect solution for your business. Contact Us today!

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