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'A Decade of Excellent Service' – An MPX Client Story

Read about how West Paces Ferry Orthodontics in Atlanta has benefited from a decade of superior credit card processing services with MerchantPro Express.
October 18, 2019 2 minute read

Orthodontic Merchant Services

Working with a dependable credit card processor is a critical aspect of virtually any business, especially those typically thriving on cashless transactions. One such industry deriving significant revenue from card payments is the medical field, and more specifically, orthodontics. 

With thousands of merchants across the country, MerchantPro Express has no shortage of customers in this space who've achieved success by leveraging its powerful suite of payment processing and business management tools. One such business is West Paces Ferry Orthodontics (WPFO), a leading provider of Invisalign technology and one of Atlanta’s most prominent orthodontics practices, serving patients for more than 75 years. 

With its long history and reputation for outstanding treatment from a team of highly skilled orthodontics, technicians and more, WPFO needed no help finding patients looking to improve their smiles. Maintaining this extraordinary level of care, however, required efficient business operations.

“The vast majority of those patients pay with a debit or credit card,” explains WPFO Communications Director Kenny Hackett. “This [makes] credit card processing an essential part of our business.” 


Unfortunately, WPFO didn’t always have the pleasure of working with a credit card processing company committed to its success. This lack of personalized attention, coupled with overpriced rates, left the WPFO team wondering what exactly they were paying for, and why.

Finally, they discovered MerchantPro Express and decided it was time to make a change

West Paces Ferry Orthodontics switched to MerchantPro Express more than 10 years ago, and hasn’t looked back.

When recalling the transition, Hackett had only one word to describe it: “Seamless.” 

WPFO's onboarding with MPX was easy, and the benefits only continued from there. By switching, the practice began saving more than 30% every month compared to what they would have been paying with their previous provider—a significant amount that can now go toward growing this business and crafting beautiful smiles for patients across the city. 

Not only have the savings significantly impacted business operations, but the quality of the service WPFO receives from MPX has also been a major benefit.

“We’ve had no problems!” Hackett enthusiastically declares, recalling all the time spent waiting for answers from the previous provider’s customer support team and how much better things got as soon as they started working with MPX and Accounting Manager Kee Delcambre, who the WPFO team agrees "does a wonderful job." Now, the practice doesn’t have to worry that their credit card processing will be done quickly and properly, "which is a huge blessing!" Hackett added. Instead, they are secure in the knowledge that their processing is in the best hands with MPX and that they can focus more of their energy on their patients. 

This enduring relationship of mutual growth is testament to MPX never taking its customers for granted, no matter how long they've been clients, and always striving to drive even greater efficiencies and savings via their payment processing activities. 

MerchantPro Express is proud to work with such a well-respected practice and looks forward to providing WPFO with outstanding credit card processing and merchant services for the next decade, and beyond

To find out how MPX can improve your business, Contact Us today. 

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