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The Patriot Payments team is comprised of veterans and their families.

Veterans face many challenges when transitioning from active service to civilian life. 

It can take time to find a career that complements the skills learned during service to our nation. Patriot Payments enables veterans to enter the workforce during this transition in our Strategic Referral Partner Program. This program lets them earn income working from home, on their own schedules and, once a career is established, continue to supplement their new income. 

We offer training resources to familiarize our new referral partners with important industry information so they can be successful.

It is said the hardest service job is that of a military spouse. Service usually entails multiple duty station changes, which requires a family to drop everything, including their careers, and move to a brand new town—sometimes overseas. This, paired with frequent deployments, often stationed far away from their support systems, makes maintaining a career difficult, if not impossible, for most military spouses.

Patriot Payments lets active duty family members work on their own schedule from home, wherever that might be, and they continue to earn income even after moving to a new duty station.  There are no costs to our referral partners and we provide all the training and support needed.

How It All Began

Being a retired military family, Brad and Amy Briller understand the challenges service members face, both active duty and while transitioning from military life.

Experiencing multiple duty stations, two of them overseas, they understand the obstacles a military spouse faces when it comes to maintaining a successful career. 

Together with their brother Chris Briller, owner of MerchantPro Express, they saw an opportunity to create a platform that supports veterans, first responders, and their families through charitable donations and employment.

Brad and Amy, along with their three children and two dogs, have settled outside Annapolis, MD, where they pursue their passion for giving back to those who serve and who have served.  

Brad Briller

Brad Briller, CDR USN (ret)

Brad is a retired Navy F/A-18 pilot who spent 22 years witnessing first-hand how military service impacts service members and their families. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). Brad has served as Commanding Officer of a forward deployed Navy fighter squadron (VFA-27 Royal Maces) and is a veteran of eight overseas deployments. His focus has always been family, teammates and country. He understands the challenges but also appreciates the work ethic instilled in people through service to our country.  

Amy Briller

Amy Briller

Amy understands the challenges of balancing career and family as a military spouse, which she successfully accomplished throughout her husband’s 22-year career as a Naval Officer. During that time, Amy maintained a career as a member of the executive leadership team for Craig Technologies, an aerospace engineering/manufacturing government contracting firm, an opportunity not available to most military spouses. As a result, she is committed to working with military spouses who are seeking a successful career that is compatible with the demands of the military lifestyle, including frequent relocations and deployments.