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MerchantPro Express

MerchantPro Express Inside Sales Center

Optimizing businesses with innovative payment processing solutions and unmatched merchant support.

A suite of tech-driven tools tailored to fit your business.

With MerchantPro Express, businesses will not only benefit from our superior payment processing services and equipment that make accepting all types of credit and debit payments a breeze, but will also have access to a collection of cutting-edge apps specifically curated to give them the resources they need to organize and streamline their operations.

A suite of tech-driven tools tailored to fit your business.
  • Terminal Processing

    Terminal Processing

  • Mobile Processing

    Mobile Processing

  • POS Processing

    POS Processing

  • Online Processing

    Online Processing

Forming dynamic and lucrative referral partnerships, nationally.

Forming dynamic and lucrative referral partnerships, nationally.

MPX’s Inside Sales Center is a state-of-the-art telesales facility run by our team of specially trained Business Consultants, who manage each account with MPX’s superior level of customer support, satisfaction and innovation to build lasting and rewarding relationships with merchants and referral partners.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Weekly and monthly referral reporting
  • Secure, tokenized transactions
  • Powered by First Data

Talk to the Experts:
More than 40 years of combined industry experience

At the helm of the Inside Sales Center are Dan Krolczyk and Steve Boyles, two payment processing veterans with the expertise to uphold MPX’s mission of leveraging technology, analytics and a consultative approach to foster the growth of our clients and partners.

Dan Krolczyk

Dan Krolczyk

Partner and EVP of New Sales

Dan Krolczyk is Partner and EVP of New Sales for MerchantPro Express (MPX).  Prior to assuming that role he worked with Bank of America Merchant Services, a Joint Venture between First Data and Bank of America. Dan has more than 25 years of experience in a variety of verticals in the payment processing space including M & A, Operations and building Sales Divisions of over 300 Sales Consultants. 

Steve Boyles

Steve Boyles

Sales Manager

Steve Boyles is the Sales Manager for the Inside Sales Center. He has been instrumental in its development and has built a very talented team. His responsibilities include securing new business, managing the sale of MPX services, leading his team of agents, and perfecting MPX’s sales strategies to create training programs so his agents can reach their full potential.

 Contact the MerchantPro Express Inside Sales Center and learn more about what MPX can do for you.

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