4 Steps To Saving As Much As 40% On Your Event Ticketing Services

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Compatible With a Variety of Popular Devices

Clover Flex

Clover Flex

Janam XT2/XT2+

Janam XT2/XT2+

Android App

Android App

*Additional devices available. Contact MPX Tickets for more information. 

Centralized savings

Unlike other ticketing services, MPX Tickets provides both the software and the payment processing necessary to selling event tickets. Not only does this mean your entire ticketing operation is managed under one roof, but bundling these services together allows MPX to pass those savings along to you. 

Secure payments

With the behind-the-scenes complexities covered, working with MPX Tickets means you can confidently focus on what you do best: selling tickets. We’ve also partnered with DataTrax Technologies Inc, the ticket sales technology company registered with both Visa and MasterCard as a PCI DSS Service Provider and a Level 1 distinction.

  • Time

    Analyze data in real time

  • Ticket

    Reduce ticket fraud

  • Money

    Create new revenue opportunities

MPX Tickets makes ticketing a breeze for any type of event, including: 

  • School Events
  • Nightlife Events
  • Charity Events

  • PTA’s
  • Tours and Attractions
  • Amateur Drama Productions

  • Festivals
  • Orchestras
  • Conferences and B2B events

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